Hey, I'm Steve 👋

I'm a software engineer in the NYC area working at Google.

I spent most of my twenties working as a mechanical engineer in defense electronics. I designed enclosures and PCB assemblies for rugged computers. Although I enjoyed it, I found myself constantly distracted by my ongoing fascination with software and computer science. So one day, as I was browsing engineering graduate programs, I thought, "Why not give software a try?".

That was the beginning of a long journey. I started taking classes at Harvard Extension and eventually transferred into Georgia Tech's OMSCS. Unsurprisingly, getting a master's degree while working full time was tough...and slow. After a few years, I couldn't wait any longer and left my job to finish the program and pursue software engineering full time.

In my coursework, I took a wide range of project-based courses in AI/ML, security, systems, and databases, but I'm most interested in web development and machine learning. I'm most comfortable with Python, but I've worked with a lot of different languages including Go, JavaScript, C, and Java.

After finishing the degree and taking some time to hike in New England, I started at Kasten. There, I worked on the K10 platform for cloud native data management using Kubernetes and Go. These days, I'm working on data analytics at Google and loving the new challenge. Although it was a long road, it's been so worth the effort to make the transition into computer science!