Hey, I'm Steve 👋

I'm a software engineer in the NYC area working at Kasten.

I spent most of my twenties working as a mechanical engineer in defense electronics. I designed enclosures and PCB assemblies for rugged computers. Although I enjoyed it, I found myself constantly distracted by my ongoing fascination with software and computer science. So one day, as I was browsing engineering graduate programs, I thought, "Why not give software a try?".

That was the beginning of a long journey. I started taking classes at Harvard Extension and eventually transferred into Georgia Tech's OMSCS. Unsurprisingly, getting a master's degree while working full time was tough...and slow. After a few years, I couldn't wait any longer and left my job to finish the program and pursue software engineering full time.

In my coursework, I took a wide range of project-based courses in AI/ML, security, systems, and databases, but I'm most interested in web development and machine learning. I'm most comfortable with Python, but I've worked with a lot of different languages including Go, JavaScript, C, and Java.

After finishing the degree and taking some time to hike in New England, I recently started working at Kasten. I'm excited to be working with Kubernetes and Go, building Kasten's K10 platform for cloud native data management.