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Static Sites with Hugo and Forestry

When you're "good with computers", one thing you can count on is that you'll get a lot of incoming requests to help family and friends with their computer problems. But sometimes the requests are actually fun, and you can learn something in the process. This is one of those.

What Do the Top 250 Vimrc's Have in Common?

As I was configuring Vim for the first time, I found myself browsing the various dotfile repositories on GitHub for inspiration. I kept trying to figure out what all of these popular .vimrc's had in common. Eventually, I thought, wouldn't it be easier to automate this?

The Ups and Downs of Learning Vim

Last week, I spent some time tweaking my Vim setup. It was simultaneously really fun and a huge exercise in frustration. So I thought it might be useful to share some of my thoughts on Vim.

Managing Changes with Git

I've been using Git for a few years now on my own projects and schoolwork. I learned just enough to track changes on my own projects and push those changes to GitHub so I wouldn't lose any work. I knew at some point, I'd have to take the time to learn it from the ground up and practice on some real collaborative projects.

Blogging with React and Next.js

I've wanted to redesign for quite a while now. I've had the domain forever and put up a landing page there 5 years ago using a template from html5up. But since I left my full-time job to pursue software engineering, I knew I could do a bit better.